The Daily Miracle: A Memoir of Newspapering

C. Fraser Smith


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The American newspaper has been an institution, as essential to democracy and daily life as schools, police departments, business organizations and churches. They had authority. They led. They covered everything from political leaders, to colorful characters, to perpetually striving arts -- everything we needed to understand, sustain and enrich our lives. The folded black-and-white publication has been a photographic and written record of the life we held in our hands. The paper gave us community. It told us who we were. The Daily Miracle is C. Fraser Smith's memoir of a life spent "newspapering;" a personal chronicle of the daily re-birthing of three great American newspapers. His book is a decades-long coming of age tale from obituary-writing days at the Jersey Journal to his Sunday column at H.L. Menken's papers, The Sun and Evening Sun -- renamed "Sunpapers" by readers asserting their ownership. In Jersey City, it was The Jersey (or Joisey.) In Providence, the Pro-Jo. We re-readers took ownership. Our Jersey. Our Pro-Jo. Our Sunpapers. Other cities and towns did the same.

ISBN 9781646330560
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Publisher Otter Bay Books
Year of publication 2019