Poverty as Ideology: Rescuing Social Justice from Global Development Agendas

Andrew Fischer



[from d-econ.org] Despite the shortcomings of mainstream approaches to global poverty, much of the policy-oriented and academic discourse on poverty does not go beyond it, and nuanced reconsiderations of the issue have been almost negligible. This book is a brilliant intervention in this context. The author, Andrew Fischer, unsettles the established notions of poverty and how it is measured, and offers a critical and a fresh perspective to analyse these concepts. He argues that much of the dominant discourse on poverty is driven by a neo-liberal ideology, which continues to reinforce the societal segregation rather than challenging it. He argues that solutions to poverty require a serious engagement with the issues of social justice and a redistribution of wealth that can create a more equitable society.

ISBN 9781786990440
List price $29.95
Publisher Zed Books
Year of publication 2018