Language in Thought and Action

Samuel Ichiyé Hayakawa (Author)



The author gives an overall intro of general semantics  based on the work of Alfred Korzybski and gives several accounts of language's terminal implications.

Renowned professor and former U.S. Senator S. I. Hayakawa discusses the role of language in human life, the many functions of language, and how language—sometimes without our knowing—shapes our thinking in this engaging and highly respected book. Provocative and erudite, it examines the relationship between language and racial and religious prejudice; the nature and dangers of advertising from a linguistic point of view; and, in an additional chapter called “The Empty Eye,” the content, form, and hidden message of television, from situation comedies to news coverage to political advertising.

ISBN 9780156482400
List price $16.00
Publisher Harvest Books
Year of publication 1990